Slime City Records - Misathrophonics

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Slime City Records have delved into the deepest darkest recesses of the underground, to bring you Misanthrophonics.

Showcasing some truly deranged shit.
This 22 track compilation cassette comes with an exclusive digital download to the whole album.

Raging from Speedcore, Extratone, Cybergrind, Breakcore & Necro Techno to noise.

Petrol Hoers, Corecaine, Loffciamcore, Drugzilla, Non-Bio, Anhedonia, Skat Injector, Disco Cunt, Kid From Closet,
Anal Violence, Derba-KrawaL, Hatewire, Emoheadache, WDMS,
Monad, Mulk, Einhorn, Ohmega Sir, Noisy As Fuck, Pressterror,
Teknocannibaal & Pretty Pony Princess Violence.

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